By Estragon

Ella – short for “Umbrella” sets refreshing accents in every entrance area. The umbrella stand made of fibre cement convinces with its light, unusual design. The special threading of the cord creates six orderly compartments and space for at least six umbrellas


Värv hall

Cord color available in mint or anthracite

Dimensions, weight and price:

lenght/width/height weight   grey
   34 x 27 x 57,5 cm  6 kg   200 €

Mõõdud, kaal ja hind:

weight – 6 kg
grey – 200 €


  • Fiber cement – breathable material
  • Eco-friendly products that are 100% recyclable
  • UV- and frost resistant
  • Hand-made production

Product care:

Dirt and moss can be removed using a non-scratching sponge with a mixture of water and vinegar
When cleaning natural grey fibre cement, always clean the entire surface to maintain a uniform colour

Additional information:

  • Product on order
  • Delivery time 2-3 weeks

More info and ordering: