Trusted high quality
Hand-made production
Swiss production technology of fibre-cement material with a long tradition
The natural appearance of the material
UV- and frost resistant

Swisspearl SOFTLINE.

Swisspearl SOFTLINE is an impressive product line of fiber-cement planters
that come in a variety of models and shapes and allow you to individually design a patio, balcony or interior.
SOFTLINE can be high, low, round or angular. Each product is handmade and original and stylish expression of originality.
SOFTLINE is immune to snow and cold.

Customised solutions

Swisspearl CUSTOMLINE planter series offers a high level of flexibility to meet almost any design requirement.
The products are made according to the customer’s request, with maximum dimensions up to 250 cm.
CUSTOMLINE planters are handmade from Swisspearl fiber cement,
by the best Swiss craftsmen.
CUSTOMLINE designers are even more famous and their products are unique – they are created by you.

Swisspearl furniture & accessories

Fiber cement has been able to maintain a magical attraction for over half a century on designers throughout Europe.
The vast design possibilities and outstanding product features of the Swisspearl products
inspire a young, creative design, as well as a practically oriented interior architecture.
The spectrum of truly unique designs for living reaches today from the perfectly shaped outdoor furniture system
via one-of-a-kind designs in seating groups, on to tables, shelves, lamps and much more.
The end result is unique, practical and emphasizes your creativity as a designer.